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How to Reach More Customers Those who have do business online may have already heard of Commerce Cloud but have not been using it yet. First and foremost, it is cloudbased so this service is available via the internet through the service provider’s server. With that, it provides a better way for business and customers to keep in trough using any device. There are many similar apps on the internet today. Proudly speaking the Commerce Cloud is better than the competition and there are many reasons for that. One, Commerce Cloud is backed by years of widespread experience in the industry. Online businesses that use this cloud commerce platform have witnessed growth in the market because of increasing customers who experience better online shopping through various devices. Commerce Cloud has been the force behind more than 2000 big websites in 50+ nations. And with Commerce Cloud, brands see 40-60 person better conversion rates which allows them to grown 2x as fast as competing brands. If you want another reason to trust Commece Cloud, take note that it is considered as a market leader by companies like Forrester and Gartner. If you wait longer to use Commerce Cloud, you will be missing on the opportunities enjoyed by brands who have sold over $16 billion combined worth of products through the internet.
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Meanwhile, customer also benefit from Commerce Cloud. Customer enjoy a much better customer service experience while doing business with companies that use Commerce Cloud. Both repeat customers and potential customer can now reach online products and stores using any device. Moreover, shopping recommendations help customer find similar or complimented products or they find more options. This is made possible by the ability of Commerce Cloud to generate and integrate customer data to give customers better shopping experience. Also, with this platform business can communicate with customer better when other concerns arise such as exchange or returns of products. The bottom line is that business grow because they keep their customers happy by rendering an overall pleasing customer service experience. You can be sure that you will be satisfied with your shopping journey just like the other 300 million unique shoppers touched by Commerce Cloud.
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Now, one can say that Commerce Cloud is a big advantage for the online store and its customers. Take note that it is actually a shared success between the two important players in the industry: buyer and the seller, and there is more. There is a dedicated support team and expert consultant to handle technical and retail queries. Moreover, there is a global Commerce Cloud community that provide the opportunity to form networks or meet fellow retailers through an online portal. All these prove that Commerce Cloud is a powerful force that unites sellers and buyers. Click here to read more.

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