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Outwitting Squirrels Squirrels elucidate feelings of love or hate in most people. Squirrels can cause havoc to your backyard garden and bird feeding regimen. An infestation of your garden by squirrels scares birds away and denies birds access to food. Their determination can result in major property damage and during their breeding season, extreme noise. As they are gnawers by nature, they require constant access to food to maintain, sharpen, and trim incessantly growing incisors. Thus, squirrels have voracious appetites, are extremely sneaky, and deft at avoiding deterrence measures. These rodents can climb steel poles and leap distances of over 10 feet high, voiding the effectiveness of steel traps. With phenomenal balancing ability, they can effortlessly evade lengths of thin trap wires. An ability to dig hiding places and swim across water obstacles extremely affects your ability to protect bird feeders. Trying to control squirrels is a source of frustration for many individuals. What can you do to distract squirrels away from bird feeders? Suggestions outlined here can assist you control the menace. You could consider employing a variety of methods to eradicate the squirrel menace. Second, you can opt to construct a wooden squirrel feeder or a picnic table squirrel feeder. Failure to remedy the situation would entail contracting the services of your local pest control professional or agency. You can find pest control services either online or by using your local directory.
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Avail yourself of the following suggestions if you have chosen to go by the first method. Hang you squirrel proof bird feeders 10 feet high and away from any trees or branches. Before purchasing squirrel proof feeders, assess their implications. Some squirrel proof brands have lifetime guarantees, but fail to protect bird feed from squirrels.
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Also, installing cylindrical mesh guards over tube feeders can significantly deter squirrels. Mesh guards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific bird feeder you need to protect. Consider purchasing weight activated feeders that close feeding ports automatically when a squirrel mounts up on them. Weight activated feeders utilize a motorized perch that spins squirrels away from the feeder, depriving them the chance to enjoy your birds precious feed. Repetitive failure in accessing bird feed results in squirrels abandoning all future attempts. Squirrel domes and baffles are useful components in restricting access to bird feeders. Try greasing feeder poles or use squirrel slinkies to prevent squirrels from scaling poles. Try to ground feed your birds as a deterrence measure. Desist from hanging your bird feeders. Rather, you should cover your feeding trays with feeding guardians. Using feeding guardians with the smallest meshes prevents squirrels from accessing bird food.

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