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How to Have Efficient Home Energy We have so many equipments in our home nowadays that use up so much electricity, especially with new technologies developing regularly to make our chores easier. Therefore, it is advisable for homeowners to find means on how electricity cost can be reduced. Try these remedies to save the electricity consumption in your household. Try LED lights. Remove your ordinary bulbs and put LED lights instead. Although LED lights are more expensive, they are 50 times more durable than the common bulbs. Plus, this type of light consumes only 1/8 of electricity. Install a solar water heater. This system is very efficient in giving you hot water.
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Use a new and more efficient pool pump. You may not be aware of it that the use of the pool pump consumes so much energy.
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Install a solar pool heater. During winter days, homeowners heat their pools, and this consumes a lot of electricity. New energy efficient homes now are using solar pool heater because of this reason. Improve the insulation of your attic. Know that air escapes also through the attic, and so it is advisable that you insulate your attic properly. Install a solar attic fan. During hot summer time, temperatures in the attic go higher than 160F. There is a reduction of temperature to around 40F if there is a solar attic fan in your attic. Change your old airconditioning units. Changing your old units with efficient new ones, can save you a big amount of money at the end of the year. Check the condition of the ducts in your house. After many years, there could be leakage and dirt in your duct system. Put window insulation. Windows that are not insulated could let the heat from the sun goes in, and also lets the cool wind goes in during cold weather. Insulate your pipes. Your house saves on energy because of the insulated pipes that keep hot water temperature longer. Energy saving pointers are means for you to save money. Install energy saving systems when you are renovating or remodelling your house, or especially when you are building a new one. One recommendation is to insulate your curtains all over the house. The insulated curtains should be able to wrap around and touch the floor and seal the upper portion of the window. Installing dimmer switches on your lights will reduce consumption of electricity. Opening your windows during daytime to let the sunlight in can also save you some energy. You can design also your bathroom with energy savers system. One is the use of dual flush toilets and water heads that restrict the flow of water. It is recommended that if you buy new appliances, check for those with new efficient system to reduce electricity consumption.

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