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Outsourced Support Services Selling products is not as simple as giving products and receiving payments, there are a ton of other factors to take into account which include the refund and return policy. Refund policies generally state that any product is 100% refundable after a stated period, around 4-8 weeks after the purchase date, in case the customer is not satisfied with the purchase. As a seller, you need to satisfy customers by providing good quality products as well as a top of the line customer support service. What You’ll Need for Outsourced Support Services The first step would be to read up on the kind of customer care services offered by the outsourced support company. When you stumble upon an outsourced support services company that can cater to email, phone, chat and remote control support then it’s time to look into their price-lists; though we recommend that you create a shortlist first before settling on one. Don’t forget to ask the type of customer service they specifically offer; will the services be IT support or just canned responses?
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What Makes Customer Support Different from Tech Customer Care
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Basically, the difference between customer support and tech customer care is that all the common questions are catered by customer support with the help of prewritten answers while all the IT related questions are directed to tech customer care. Aside from the general programmer support, IT customer support typically doesn’t need the help of the other departments; general programmer support answers all the unique product questions. Sellers that offer easy product with only a handful of documentations and simple functions should hire services for the simple customer support department and nothing else. What Makes Live Different from Ticker Customer Care? Email support involves sending a ticket from web oriented systems to customers who send email inquiries. Tickets and forum threads are quite common and customers typically receive a reply somewhere between 8 hours to 24 hours from the time of inquiry. Chat supports makes use of a chat system that has the customer support personnel on one end and the client on the other; chat support provides answers at a much quicker pace, customers can have their answers within 5 minutes or so. The chat support is ideal for sellers that offer high-end products and customers demand urgent support assistance. The most effective customer support is when tickets and live support is mixed; difficult technical issued are answered via email while simpler common questions are answered in live chats. Remember that the IT support services offered should be able to cater to other additional services. A helpful additional service you should look into is the working reports services; it displays all the tickets accomplished within the days well as the days before.

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