The Bed is Causing Your Pain!

When I finally figured out it was my mattress that was causing my back pain, I shopped for the best mattress for back pain I could find online. It’s funny because I should have known immediately that my old mattress was causing my lower back pain. I’ve known for years that I needed a new mattress because the one I used was very, very old. Even the bed springs needed to be replaced and the frame is from the early 1970s I think. Obviously something so old would end up hurting my back. We spend eight hours a day lying on mattresses.

But I was willing to blame anything else before realizing what the real problem was. Maybe it’s my office chair? A lack of exercise? Maybe I’m gaining weight and it’s pulling on the back muscles? In the end it was none of those things. I actually woke up in the middle of the night and said out loud, “It’s the mattress, stupid!”. So my mission during my research online was to find the best mattress available that would ease lower back pain associated with sleeping on an old or worn out mattress. I didn’t take long to find the solution.

When the mattress got here I was pretty stoked. After taking off the old mattress and putting the new one on the frame, I could tell immediately that this was a good decision. The mattress was so firm! My old one felt like a lumpy bag compared to the shiny new mattress. I quickly laid down on it just to try it out and it was like night and day. It took about a week of sleeping on the new mattress before the back pain dropped off. Now it’s difficult to believe I ever had back pain from a mattress at all!